How to combine our white sandals?

White sandals can be worn with almost all your clothes

White sandals can be worn with almost all your clothes, jeans of any color, a printed dress, a suit, white pants, a long skirt, pastel colors or, on the contrary, bright colors and striking tones that accentuate the white of the sandals. They allow you to compose many looks in all seasons.

The essential fashion advice with white sandals is to expose a little skin between the garment and the sandal for a stylish look, whatever the sandal model.

White is a color to combine with caution in your clothes to get trendy looks. Whatever your style, you can always create a casual chic outfit that looks just like you with a pair of white sandals, be it a skirt, dress or pants, flat or heeled.

Choose white sandals

If you opt for very chic and elegant flat white sandals for women, combine them with high-waisted jeans and a T-shirt to "break" the too classic side or with dresses if you want to wear a very elegant look.

If you want to gain a few inches, you can opt for white platform sandals for a vintage look.

Here our recommendation in white Menorcan women's sandals with platform for this summer 2022, our Binidali model.

White sandals will go well with high-waisted jeans, flowy patterned pants or a maxi dress for a decidedly retro-chic outfit. You can even dare to wear a pantsuit with a matching jacket that will combine perfectly with your white sandals. In this case, choose white leather sandals.

With white sandals, you will have no problem finding what to wear in the morning this summer 2022. Your flat white leather sandals look just as good with a very sporty outfit like jeans and a sweatshirt as with a more casual outfit like carrot pants. and a shirt.

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the different ways to wear white sandals with different styles of clothing, because choosing sandals is one thing, highlighting them is something completely different.

White sandals cannot be compared to the sneakers we use to run, quite the contrary, they are elegant, clean, durable and versatile.

White sandals, whether high or low, are usually made of premium leather with minimal details, allowing them to be paired with any style. In addition, they hardly cause perspiration.

Let's take a look at the different ways to wear stylish white sandals.

White sneakers with shorts

It turns out that shorts are the easiest and coolest option for wearing sandals. White shorts and sandals are ideal for those who want to wear casual summer clothes, while remaining elegant.

Therefore, you want to make sure that white sandals are minimal, worn without socks (or with no socks) and with shorts or mid-cut (above the knees).

White sandals become a cooler option. Therefore, if you wear a casual blazer and tailored chinos, you should wear a leather sandals model to have a more elegant style.

White sandals should be worn the same way you would a pair of sneakers or loafers, pairing them with other clothing such as comfy shorts and a plain, fitted t-shirt. They don't go out of style!

In this category, our safe bet would be the Salgar model. The most comfortable pair of white sandals of this 2022.

White sandals with black jeans

Considering that women's fashion leans towards a minimalist trend, white sandals are certainly an easy choice for monochrome fans. They free you from the dark look that makes you feel a little "sad" in broad daylight.

You can choose between low and high for this look; however, as its minimalist style dictates, you should get rid of unnecessary items, such as socks, and keep your shirts and jackets as symmetrical as possible.

It is necessary that the pants are cut to leave the ankles visible, it is up to you whether the pants fit more or less on top.

White sandals with Chinos

A penchant for droopier silhouettes, inspired by urban subcultures, is necessary to pull off this look. For the perfect look from morning to night, base the outfit on quality cotton knit joggers or chino pants, with the visible ankle being the must-have style indicator, an upgrade from regular gym pants. .

You can pair your white wedge sandals with a casual jacket, be it a functional raincoat or a stylish hoodie, and wear it under a casual yet stylish t-shirt.

White sandals with skinny jeans

Another important aspect of this season is quality denim, which is driven by women's search for jeans with skinny styles.

White sandals look great when paired with jeans. If your jeans are not short, you can always make a pinroll to let your ankles visible.

For a sleeker, more fashionable denim look, ditch the jean jacket and throw on a coat over it and a white shirt or t-shirt.

Our recommendation could not be other than our Binibeca model, impeccable white sandals to bring out all your elegance.

Wear white sandals with a suit

While many people view tailoring as a high-value product for modern women, the retiring yet shapely aesthetic has given way to the adoption of white sandals. Paired with a blazer or suit, the white sandal lends a relaxed look to a tailored outfit, especially for nights out.

Whatever the brand, the sandals must retain their elegance, absolute whiteness and shine; a dirty pair will render any wardrobe upgrades you've worked diligently toward completely useless. You can find a wide selection of white sandals at

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